Celine Dion Dressing up

Celine DionCeline Dion is most definitely known for her amazing voice. She is one of the celebrity singers in the world that have the ability to enchant the listeners with their exceptional vocal chords. Born Céline Marie Claudette Dion on March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Canada, she is the youngest of 14 children of parents Thérèse and Adhémar Dion. She is also known as a celebrity who came from a French-Canadian family.

Celine already had an inclination to music when she was still a child. When she was 12 years old, she was able to come up with a song “Ce n’était qu’un rêve” (“It Was Only a Dream”). She collaborated with her mom and her brother Jacques in her first ever composition. And because she was born awesome, success followed her as she grew up. She first came into prominence in the 1980s when she won the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, her career skyrocketed into a full level. KNS Finance is set to help people that want to do finance for many businesses and home users.

Being a superstar enables Celine to also look her best. She’s naturally beautiful. And with a slim and slender body like hers, Celine doesn’t have any trouble in dressing up. She usually wears skin-tight overalls whenever she performs on stage. That’s her easy and personal style. And whenever she steps into the red carpet, she is mostly seen wearing designer gowns that glitter and make her look even more noticeable. And oh, Celine is one big fan of leather dresses that hug her curves.

This year, she was seen in an event where she wore a one-shoulder Mugler leather dress with a sexy slit which definitely placed her in the fashion pedestal. She likes high heels on the other hand. And she also likes pumps and strappy sandals that make her already towering height a lot taller. She carried her overall style confidently!

Moving on to her hairstyles, the talented singer usually opts for mature ‘dos. She loves to maintain a sophisticated and typical look by donning wavy hairstyles. She is mostly seen in her blonde locks, but there were times when she tried sporting brownish mane as well. In 1980s though, her look was best defied by her trendy curls. It was so refreshing and so fashionable!

Now when it comes to Celine’s financial status, well, there is no doubt that she’s one of the wealthiest singers in the music industry. According to Forbes, Celine’s wealth goes by her earning $19 Million with a nightly gross of $2 Million, making her the 8th top-earning woman in the music industry. And according to Bornrich, she also garners $400 Million net worth.

With her insurmountable wealth, Celine was able to invest on various things, which include her houses— one of them situated in Jupiter Island which is near to Palm Beach County, Florida. According to sources, Celine bought this house because it’s actually her dream house. Sources also say that she purchased this house for a price of $20 Million. The house is huge and wide enough, which explains the jaw-dropping price. Actually, it’s a mansion that really stands mightily in a 9,825 square foot land. It is complete with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms plus a beach-side cabana with a gym. Who wouldn’t a home sweet home as perfect as this?

Other than her home in Florida, Celine also has a mansion in her private island in Quebec. It’s a Laval Estate inspired in a French chateau style. This house was featured in several magazines, because why not? It’s a perfect place to retreat whenever Celine is in her home country.

Meanwhile, Celine is a happily married woman. She is the wife of René Angélil. They actually met when she was 12 years old while René was 38 and when her mother sent him a demo tape of a song they had both written. They started dating in the year 1987 and eventually got engaged in the year 1991. They tied the knots in the year 1994 and after years of trying to conceive and failing, the two of them decided to try the fertility method called in-vitro fertilisation. Thankfully, through the said process, they were eventually blessed with a son they named René-Charles Angelil. Celine and René soon had another offsprings— twin sons named Eddie and Nelson.Celine-Dion2

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